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I Knew It! Netflix Binging Can Help With Writing!

I am a huge fan of Netflix and Chill as I don’t watch TV and sometimes, I just want to catch up on some of my favorite shows or check out a movie I didn’t get to watch. Now, I have been inspired by some of the shows I’ve watched but this article puts into words what I already figured: Netflix can help your writing! Check out this cool article here!

Now I just need to get back on Netflix and a nice big bag of baked cheese puffs!


Questioning The HEA Story Ending

So How Do You Write A Book? Hell If I Know

I never considered that I had enough readership in Jamaica to really make a big deal. It’s a country that wags its fingers at anything “unchristian” and goes ape when someone mentions homosexuality (it’s illegal here) as I’m secular and a supporter of gay rights. While I’m not fully convinced that I am wrong about my assumption, I am a bit more open to the possibility. Continue reading So How Do You Write A Book? Hell If I Know

Good Grief, I’m at it again! 

Meet Elkanah…sorta

Took a bit of a break but this UFD (Ugly First Draft) of this story in a series I haven’t even fully discussed yet is pulling me. I was inspired by a song and this Orelle series was the perfect place to put it. I look forward to sharing this series with everyone around 2018 (yep, it’s like THAT. If I can do it sooner, I will) as I have to get moving in some other serious historical research that’s been waiting for me since late 2014! 😵 😵😵

Yeah, author problems, right? Well, back to it.