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What’s On Deck? Palessa Goes Wattpad…Sorta

It’s been a time and while I have every reason to believe that 2017 will be just as good as 2016, if not BETTER, I must admit to a bit of doubt. It’s like taking one step forward and then two steps back sometimes. What can you do but keep moving?Anyway, I wanted to just update everyone on some new developments that I’m actively working.  Continue reading What’s On Deck? Palessa Goes Wattpad…Sorta


Two things are happening right now!

First, I’ve been working and planning and now, it’s here. The official audio trailer of Eyubea Girls is finally on SoundCloud. I am excited!

Official audio trailer of Eyubea Girls by PalessaListen Here ☞http://bit.ly/1Sl3QBo and tell me what you think!

PLUS, as it’s my birthday weekend, Unchained Hearts, Unchained Hearts, Baxter Family Saga 1 - Author Palessaupdated with extra scenes is LIVE.
From Friday 8/7 – Monday 8/10 it’s FREE! Grab your copy today

Did Palessa Fall Off the Face of the Earth? and Other Questions You’re Not Asking :)

So, um…did you really?

Maybe…I like the idea of falling off the face of the earth for a bit. Anyway, I needed the break and it’s a nice new normal for me every once in a while. Writing is intense for me and when I get the chance to do it, the story pretty much owns me. So after I put out a draft of a couple of new stories, I took a break. In fact, Continue reading Did Palessa Fall Off the Face of the Earth? and Other Questions You’re Not Asking 🙂

NEW COVER REVEAL: Eyubea Girls is almost here!

I started writing this book in June 2014. It was, what I call, my “rabbit hole” ride because it was supposed to be a simple football story inspired by the World Cup. Then I met them all and that’s when the journey began.

This is my first step into the historical fiction genre and I’m mindful of how sensitive some people can be about their #HisFic but the minute I handed it to the publisher in late November 2014, I was already happy with it and my mind was rolling around ideas and research for Book 2. So yeah, there’s a book 2 that will be written eventually…once I go through the research links the librarian sent me.

The cover, now THAT was a different story. I knew it was not going to be easy because, let’s be honest: I’m writing a story in the early 1900s that involves Africa and there aren’t many stock photos of black men or women from that era. If there are, they wear loin cloths, live in huts and carry spears. NOT inaccurate for certain stories but not this one. But our cover artist pulled it out and I was again blown away. I actually misted at how beautiful it was and how it captured two important characters in the story in a compelling way.

It is gorgeous and colorful and eye-catching. I write stories. When I finish, then I categorize because I don’t want to clutter my brain with extraneous information when I would rather concentrate on the story. Not all stories will be from the same genre. I have other ideas brewing and I leave myself enough room to always just keep my eyes and mind on the story.

So why am I babbling on about this?

This story is nothing like the Baxters. It’s a different animal altogether and some may not particularly care for my turn. And that’s fine because freedom to choose is a beautiful thing. For those who are open enough to check out this new avenue, I hope you enjoy it. For those who can’t or won’t, I get it and no offense taken (there’s more coming to choose from so no worries). I’m going to stretch and try new things, tell different stories. I love what I do and I’m going to just keep doing it.

That’s just how I roll. 🙂

Now, without further ado, let me introduce you to the FULL cover of Eyubea Girls, due out sometime during the week of Jan 12, 2015. As I said, I hope you enjoy it. And don’t ask me when book 2 is coming out. Just trust me, it’s going to happen…eventually

Here you go:

Eyubea Girls (Growing Wild 1)  by Palessa
Meet Clare-Voy and Lisbette


EG is on the way plus some other interesting tidbits

I promise, I have NOT been MIA. I’ve been busy with writing as well as other aspects of life, which involve a baby goat, that make me realize just how much I need a personal assistant. It will happen but right now, I just have to grow a couple more arms while I try to squeeze 40 hours in a day.

I’ve been talking about a story I’ve called EG and let me tell you, I’ve discovered what “the rabbit” hole means. Continue reading EG is on the way plus some other interesting tidbits