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Eyubea Girls, Growing Wild Series by Palessa a historical women's fiction story about the love you find that's worth fighting forIn the wilds of Southern Africa, the truth won’t hide…
Graham Tate-Fuller needs a wife. Not just any wife. One who is young enough to take on his education mission to the African continent and not ask too many questions about his past. Lisbette Caldwell is just seventeen, a young woman who isn’t ready to give up her tomboy ways. She dreams of playing football and becoming a teacher just like her father.
Through a series of circumstances beyond her control, Lisbette marries Graham and embarks on an adventure in Eyubea, a small independent township in southern Africa which managed to escape the colonial rule that overtook many other African nations.
There Lisbette settles into her new life as an assistant teacher to a small group of young girls who will have no choice but to become wives and mothers at very young ages. It’s a simple enough task that will turn into a fight for their lives as Graham’s past catches up to them and Lisbette faces the dark side of marriage in a land not her own.
Set in the early 1900’s, Lisbette is forced to take a stand for herself and her Eyubea Girls against stacked odds, even if it means losing the life she’s come to love. With the help of two special women and a will to carve out her own place in the world, she searches for a way to live life on her own terms in a place she will come to call home.

If you loved the movie Out of Africa, and enjoy reading a good book with drama, betrayal and a touch of humor, put Eyubea Girls on your book club/suggested reading list. It’s a different flavor of historical women’s fiction.

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