Devereaux Cox is coming soon…no really!

It’s been an intense birthday month for me and by intense I mean a lot has happened; mostly good and some not. But the one thing I am looking forward to is the release of the next installment of Sacked and Tackled. I’ve gotten some initial feedback about it that confirms

it’s a more emotional ride than Tobey Fine, which was a fun book that had its serious moments.

So for those who have read the first book and know the story of the “Blasian Sensation,” you’ll want to check this one as the Atlanta Mercury’s 6’5″ juggernaut is about to get his world turned upside, backside, pear-shaped and then some. This series is not meant to be heavy on the football jargon. It’s really a behind-the-game look where some stories won’t be romantic or even happy. It’s a new experience for me and I look forward to watching it unfold.

In the meantime, since SNT2 is coming out soon (and by soon I mean days), here are a couple of NEW teasers to tide you over:Devereaux Cox, Sacked and Tackled 2 by #Palessa - Teaser- All the time Devereaux Cox, Sacked and Tackled 2 by #Palessa - Teaser- together


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