Baxter Family Series is OVER plus Sacked & Tackled

So, I’m in the throes of editing and promoting and other stuff that I want to and NEED to do. To say I’ve been busy…is an understatement and I’m good with that. In the midst of everything I was having a conversation with someone about teasers (I’ve become a PicMonkey addict and I love it) and that’s when it hit me.

The Baxter Family Series is OVER

Now, I wrote Story of Us back in August 2014 and had thoughts of a Book 4 but it just didn’t feel right. I put the thought away and worked on Eyubea Girls as well as Sacked & Tackled with the thought that I would work on book 4 of the series later this year. But when I was chatting with someone, six months later, it just became clear that the Baxter Family Series is essentially done.

Two points to clarify

1. I know there are a lot of loose ends in the series and I did those on purpose because I wanted to be able to go back to the family, character, stories whenever I got the message to do so. When I say the Baxter Family Saga is done, I mean the main series and not the stories themselves. For example, BROKEN MIND is a Baxter backstory I created as a free read (Read the first chapter here) Believe me, there is more to come from them in one way or another.

2. QUINN. She’s known as the “forgotten” Baxter because I mention her and she’s a bit of a lurker. Because of that and the fact that she is so young when Cass and Grayson were going through their dramas, it just didn’t seem fitting to have her anchor the series when Story of Us just seemed to be satisfying punctuation to the main theme of enduring love that started in Unchained Hearts. So Quinn’s story will be the start of a new series that will have a couple of new characters I have been wanting to unleash for a while. I promised myself a start later in the year of a firmer outline for her book as well as some research. Quinn Baxter is not forgotten; she a new start that I’m happy to make. I think it fits her.

That’s what I mean when I say, the series is done…done for now in this form 🙂

Now, about Sacked & Tackled…

I just got back the first edits of the book and I have some other plans for it, which I will reveal later. But it’s coming along nicely. I am looking forward to getting it out in the next few weeks so please #FavePalessa and #LikePalessa for updates.

In the meantime, meet Tobey Fine, the Blasian Sensation:

Sacked & Tackled series by Palessa

What do you think of Tobey Fine now?


About A~P

Palessa started reading her first romance novel, at the age of 11. Then she got introduced to V.C. Andrews, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Anne Rice and many more notable contemporary authors as well as some of the classics, A Tale of Two Cities, Their Eyes Were Watching God, The Great Gatsby and others. It was during her teenage years that she dabbled in writing. First, it was in her diaries, then she started creating characters, stories about romance, the supernatural and much more. Being an International Baccalaureate student as well as entering college, left little time for writing and so she put it and the ideas aside to pursue a career. It would take almost 20 years, a radical move from the city she grew up in, Miami, FL back to her Caribbean birthplace, and a chance Facebook meeting with Sable Hunter to start the juices flowing again. After some fits and starts, the Baxter Family Saga was born. Unchained Hearts is Palessa's first published fiction book with Beau Coup Publishing. She considers herself just a storyteller that sees no reason to shy away from the juicier romantic elements. She currently lives in the mountains of Jamaica with her crazy, cracker-munching-mutt Ivy and a farm, primarily managed by agribusiness partner, also known as Dad.

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