When Science Meets Book Marketing

Interesting article about how reviews help to start the process of marketing your book.

Nicholas C. Rossis

Love science - Comic by Cyanide and Happiness Comic by Cyanide and Happiness

I love it when science meets book marketing!  If you wonder what I’m talking about, just read on.

I am an avid Economist reader.  Every issue has a small section about Science and Technology which, I have to confess, I prefer to Finances or Economics, as it invariably includes fascinating (to a nerd like me) news.  In the latest issue, it mentions an experiment conducted by the State University of New York to see whether success breeds success.  The results are impressive and – I believe – are applicable to book marketing.

In this experiment, a team wanted to examine whether giving people an arbitrary advantage over their fellows at the beginning of an endeavour led to a better outcome. They used the Internet for the experiment, in three distinct ways:

  1. By giving various amounts of money to different Kickstarter projects,
  2. By providing good ratings for reviewers at Epinion (different reviewers…

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