Telling ‘Tails’ In Gothenburg: Who Has Time For Publishing’s Long One?

Of course the competition is growing; people are discovering the desire and the means for self-expression through writing. You’re going to have to be more creative when you market, and YES you will have to market and promote no matter if you have a traditional publisher or not. It’s just a matter of finding ways to get to readers who appreciate a good story and introduce them to yours 🙂

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‘Sales Are Down For Most Authors’

Sales are down for most authors. You don’t see blog posts about it or tweets, but it’s a reality. And the reason is simple: there’s more content out there than ever before.

That’s the self-publishing  author-turned-publisher Bob Mayer in a blog post at Digital Book World (DBW), The Content Flood And Authors Whining. The “authors whining,” Mayer tells us, are the writers of the Authors United group of traditionally published protesters of Amazon’s negotiating tactics. Authors United’s most vehement detractors are other writers. Criticism of them has exposed a bitter rift in the author corps. You can learn more about this in the author Hugh Howey’s recent Snowflakes United and Books Were Once Like Razor Blades.

Mayer, in the process of taking the Authors United group to task, touches on something his own Cool Gus Publishing seems to be weathering with enviable finesse. He…

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