Working, Working, Working

It has been a LONG time since I’ve blogged and a lot has been going on with me so let me just give you guys a brief overview. In May, I parted ways with my ISP because they were just ridiculous BUT they were the only one in the region…or so I thought. Turns out their bigger badder competitors FINALLY made it here and well, they are much better. But with that great result, I have some tech issues that just won’t be fully resolved for a while. However, in the time that I was offline, something magical happened: I actually got some writing and research done. I finished the first draft of Book 3 in the Baxter Family Saga, Story of Us, in two weeks! I had been struggling and avoiding it not because I didn’t want to write it but because there were some hard scenes in there. 

So wrote it and submitted it to a fellow author who’s a historian to help me figure out if I got the references right. She gave me some feedback, I made changes, submitted it to the publisher and it’s in edits. I have the hope of August release but we’ll see how that goes as Beau Coup has grown by leaps and bounds. I even got a teaser that I won’t be sharing yet until later but it is great! 

Also, I had been toying with an ancient Rome idea and thanks to some 19th century texts I found on Amazon, I got A LOT of material and have a couple of solid ideas. That won’t take shape until 2015. Because of the amount of work I got to do offline (and the major dramas I missed thank goodness) I like the idea of being offline and am doing that more often because I really do get a lot of writing done. 

In the meantime, I’m working on my first non-Baxter story that I’ll call EG and it’s slowly coming together. It’s different in many ways and I want to be very careful because it’s a character that’s in a transition, a serious transition and I want to make sure I tell her story properly. That’s always been my goal; to make sure I tell the story properly and I’m sticking to it. 

Storytelling is not easy but when you have a calling and it’s pulling you, it’s all worth it. 

In any case, I will be offline again for a while BUT Book 1, Unchained Hearts (news about that one to come 🙂 ) is FREE 7/18-7/20/2014 SO if you’re bored and want a hot read, Grab a copy here: and if you think it’s worthy of 5 stars, please leave a review for the potential readers


About A~P

Palessa started reading her first romance novel, at the age of 11. Then she got introduced to V.C. Andrews, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Anne Rice and many more notable contemporary authors as well as some of the classics, A Tale of Two Cities, Their Eyes Were Watching God, The Great Gatsby and others. It was during her teenage years that she dabbled in writing. First, it was in her diaries, then she started creating characters, stories about romance, the supernatural and much more. Being an International Baccalaureate student as well as entering college, left little time for writing and so she put it and the ideas aside to pursue a career. It would take almost 20 years, a radical move from the city she grew up in, Miami, FL back to her Caribbean birthplace, and a chance Facebook meeting with Sable Hunter to start the juices flowing again. After some fits and starts, the Baxter Family Saga was born. Unchained Hearts is Palessa's first published fiction book with Beau Coup Publishing. She considers herself just a storyteller that sees no reason to shy away from the juicier romantic elements. She currently lives in the mountains of Jamaica with her crazy, cracker-munching-mutt Ivy and a farm, primarily managed by agribusiness partner, also known as Dad.

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