The Choice

I would love to have met Cheyenne, Sable’s inspiration for the McCoys

Wild and Wicked Cowboys

The Choice
I have often been asked who inspires the heroes I write about. After all, they’re just about perfect. Is there a man who can be tough and tender, smart and funny, sexy and sweet? A man who can look beyond a woman’s faults and see her potential? A man who would sacrifice something of himself to make another person happy? Yea, there is such a man.
I met Cheyenne when I was just a young girl. He was ten years older than me and I thought he hung the moon. He was already grown, or at least out of high school when I first noticed him. Even in my innocent childish observations, I knew he was special. Cheyenne wasn’t like the other boys. He was focused and dependable. His family owned a ranch near us and at the time his father had to take a step back because…

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